10 Ways to Support Social Services at SOS

Your donation makes an impact
  Thank you for your interest in donating to Share Our Selves (SOS). At SOS, we practice an integrated system of care that treats each person who walks through our doors, body, mind and spirit. In order to provide the critical social services that address such social stressors as food insecurity, homelessness, lack of education, and utility bills, we rely on our generous donors. We know that these services are just as vital to our community as our clinical care, because it is difficult to focus on proper health care when you are struggling to keep the lights on. Thank you for your gifts, as they truly keep the beating heart of SOS alive.

10 Ways to Support Social Services at SOS:

We provide over 235 bags of groceries each day to low-income, elderly, and homeless families and individuals in the Orange County community. Although we receive donations of food from local markets, restaurants, and food banks, we also spend approximately $150,000 each year to ensure a sustainable food distribution pantry. In many cases, our critically ill patients rely solely on our food pantry for special dietary needs. Cost of 235 bags of groceries per day at $5.30 per bag = $1,250
For over twenty years, SOS has provided age-appropriate backpacks filled with school supplies to children grades K through 12 in the Orange County community. Our 2016 goal is to increase the student population we serve by 20%, providing for 5,000 students. Our distribution includes students from low-income families, students in shelters, special needs programs, teachers, and local school districts. Cost Per Student = $25
The SOS Center for Care for the Homeless provides support assistance to homeless individuals and families. Additionally, SOS provides primary medical care, including dental services and behavioral health, to over 1,100 homeless patients annually. To ensure integrative care for our patients, we provide wraparound services that include food, transportation, emergency financial aid, survival kits, warm clothing, backpacks, sleeping bags, identification assistance, mail service, and referrals to temporary and supportive housing. Suggested Donation for Wrap Around Services = $100
Our emergency financial response program for low-income families and individuals provides assistance for the following (but not limited to): utility bills, transportation, prescription needs, essential household items, children’s needs, and motel vouchers. These funds are distributed directly to the utility providers and the people we serve through a variety of cash cards. Suggested Donation for Emergency Financial Aid = $250
In special situations, we provide rental assistance for families that are at risk of losing their homes due to emergency health problems, catastrophic events, and job loss. Average Cost per Specific Emergency Situation = $1,000
Each year, SOS sends young people from families that are struggling with extremely difficult situations to Camp Stevens in San Diego. SOS not only pays for the cost of this one-week camp experience, we also provide transportation, clothing, and all of the equipment required to attend. All-inclusive Cost for One Camper = $1,000
Every spring, SOS provides assistance to college-bound students from low-income families who are graduating from high school. Each student receives such items as graduation clothes, funds to cover cap and gown expenses, a family celebration dinner, and college preparation essentials. Many of the students are the first person in their family to graduate from high school and attend college. Average Cost Per Student = $300
Each year, SOS provides financial support to college-bound students in the Orange County community. The recipients of the scholarship funds are typically students who are the first in their family to attend college, are good students, are faced with significant financial challenges, and have already been awarded some scholarship support. The funds we offer are used to pay for additional costs and fees not covered by an academic scholarship. Scholarship Cost Per Student = $2,500
The SOS Case Management Program fully realizes our mission of providing care and assistance to those in need. The “In My Lifetime” fund is designed to provide financial assistance and support to families that are in crisis situations and facing extremely difficult challenges. Through this program, we are able to provide a personalized, specifically targeted, and broad-based network of services and support for the families we serve. Range of Financial Assistance = $1,000 to $5,000
The “Share Our Selves” fund at SOS represents unrestricted donations that are used to support all of the SOS Social Services that are offered to the low-income, homeless, and marginalized people in the Orange County community that we serve. Small to Large Donations